Make Me Pretty Deluxe Edition Vinyl

  • Make Me Pretty Deluxe Edition Vinyl

• 12" made-to-order lathe-cut vinyl (please do your research on lathe-cut vinyl!)
• Full stereo album on Side A
• Pre-album demo recordings on Side B, including 3 songs not found on the album
• Full hand-written (not photocopied) album lyrics and personalized liner notes from Clark
• Exact track listing of Side B might be slightly different (Hopefully this note will be gone before anyone actually reads this! Just gotta confirm the order/tracks.)
• Due to the bespoke nature of this item, please be patient with turnaround time. The plant has to ship the record to me to then ship to you.

Side A:
1. Lost Cause Shuffle
2. Black Umbrellas
3. No No No
4. Little Brother/Little Sister
5. Pastor/Pretend
6. Opt Out
7. Make Me Pretty
8. Goodnight, TX (I Found Jesus)

Side B:
1. Untitled 2
2. Lost Cause Shuffle
3. Black Umbrellas
4. No No No
5. Break Me/Shake Me/Bye Bye Bye [Savage Garden/N*SYNC Cover]
6. Let's Hold Hands (And Be My Freak)